Paid social media

Developing and strategising paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter - depending on your existing channels.

Key takeaways:
• Campaign planning
• Budget management and optimisation
• Audience formulation and hyper-targeting
• Ad creation and best practices
• Success reporting

Marketing Strategy

How to create and optimise a marketing strategy that not only aligns with business objectives but establishes lasting success.

Key takeaways:
• Developing a marketing strategy
• Planning for success
• Executive buy-in
• Monitoring success

Content Marketing

Deliver value to your customers and push them further through their buyer's journey.

Key takeaways:
• Developing a content marketing strategy
• Content marketing best practices
• Understanding your customer's journey and how to deliver content at each step
• Amplification of content
• Optimising content marketing budgets

Email Marketing

How to develop successful email marketing strategies and reporting techniques.
Key takeaways:
• Developing a clear email marketing strategy
• Audience identification
• Database segmentation
• Email automation
• Understanding GDPR and data protection
• Monitoring and reporting success

Search Engine Optimisation

How to plan, evaluate, and maximise Search Engine Marketing (SEO) efforts to drive more traffic to your website.

Key takeaways:
• Understanding and improving your existing strategy
• Developing a keyword research strategy
• Conducting a competitor analysis
• Improving website optimisation
• Off-page techniques and backlinking

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

How to develop effective and actionable PPC Google Ads campaigns and reporting for continued success.

Key takeaways:
• Understanding PPC best practices
• The importance of a clear account structure
• Optimising PPC budgets
• Developing PPC strategies that align with business objectives

Bespoke Coaching

Can't see what you're looking for above? Contact us to see if we can create a bespoke course for you and your requirements.

The extent of their knowledge really shon through. They brought the strategy and its content to life.

- Dave - Communications Officer

Both Matt and Rian are fab and both came across with not only a lot of knowledge and understanding, but also with passion which is refreshing and really helps.

- Harriet - Office and Marketing Manager

Extremely helpful and Friendly. Both are very easy to get on with, knowledgeable and passionate - great guys.l

- Emma - Creative Marketing Manager