Strategy & Audits

Competitor Research Report

A full competitor research report that outlines key competitors, along with growth opportunities and actionable recommendations.

Keyword Research & Recommendations

Complete keyword research that outlines the recommended keywords for each of your products/services for use in Search Engine Optimisation strategies and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) activity.

SEO Audit

An actionable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) report that outlines primary areas for improvement, growth and development

Marketing Strategy Audit & Planning

An intensive dive into your organisation’s marketing strategy, complete with actionable areas for improvement and recommendations to drive growth.

Key market segment identification

A holistic investigation into your primary and secondary key market segments (or buyer personas), with practical recommendations to assist customer targeting.

Activity Reports / Google Data Studio Setup

An intensive assessment of activity over a defined period, with a complete report and recommendations to improve overall marketing activity.

The extent of their knowledge really shon through. They brought the strategy and its content to life.

- Dave - Communications Officer

Both Matt and Rian are fab and both came across with not only a lot of knowledge and understanding, but also with passion which is refreshing and really helps.

- Harriet - Office and Marketing Manager

Extremely helpful and Friendly. Both are very easy to get on with, knowledgeable and passionate - great guys.l

- Emma - Creative Marketing Manager